Instruments for Surgery & Anesthesia

Starkling offers as standard over 2,000 unique products ranging from plastic surgery and ENT to general instruments up to laryngoscopes. Each product is manufactured to an exacting quality to ensure success of the operating procedures again and again.

Plastic Surgery-lightbox

Plastic Surgery

Comprehensive range of instruments for mammoplasty, fiber optic retractors, nasoplasty and facelifting.



Complete instrumentation for most microlaryngeal procedures. Covers operating laryngoscopes, chest supports, forceps, scissors, knives and accessories.



Laryngoscope blades and handles for anestheisa. Covers reusable green system, fiber optic & conventional blades along with LED & Xenon handles.

Self Retaining Retractors-lightbox

Self Retaining Retractors

Top quality retractors with non-slip locks available with sharp, semi-sharp and blunt jaws.

Suction Tubes-lightbox

Suction Tubes

Variety of suction instruments for abdominal, micro, neuro, cardio, dental and ENT use.


Maxillo Facial

Instruments (retractors, elevators and osteotomes) for maxillo facial surgery, most commonly known by OBWEGESER procedures.

Thumb & Tissue Forceps

Thumb & Tissue Forceps

Finely crafted range of thumb and tissue forceps with sealed joints to help in improving cleaning.



Liposuction cannulas (standard and micro) with Luer-Lock/tube fittings to assist in full body conturing.



Selected range of long life scissors handcrafted from cutting stainless steel.